Managed Care Summit

We’re All in This Together: Developing Networks for Health Care Contracting

Building Blocks of Creating Community-Integrated Networks

Friday, March 27 | 10:00 AM–2:00 PM
No fee. Pre-registration is required. (Includes lunch.)

CEU Credits:4.

The continued march toward integrated care and value-based payment changed the landscape of service delivery for older adults and people with disabilities. The healthcare sector now recognizes the role of community-based organizations (CBOs) in integrating long-term services to improve the quality of life for individuals, but many healthcare entities are looking to contract with one organization to serve large regions or states. Many community-based aging and disability organizations are forming networks to better capitalize on these opportunities and create administrative efficiencies. However, network development comes with challenges and considerations for the organizations involved. This session will introduce participants to different network models used by CBOs, legal and administrative factors, and other considerations in forming a network. Hear from experts in the field as well as many case examples from successful community-based integrated networks.



10:00 AM | Welcome and Introductions

Presenter: Michael Adams, Chief Executive Officer, SAGE; ASA Board Chair


10:10–10:45 AM | Keynote: The Changing Healthcare Landscape

This session will explore policy developments that have increased opportunities for networks to thrive, and present updated data on community-based network building.

Presenters: Kelly Cronin, Deputy Administrator, Center for Innovation and Partnership, Administration for Community Living; Marisa Scala-Foley, Aging and Disability Business Institute.


10:45–11:45 AM | So You Want to Build a Network…

Now what? How to get started in the process, identify partners, assess contract readiness, and develop strategies. (Network in Action: Partners at Home)              

Presenters: Lori Peterson, CEO and Co-founder, Collaborative Consulting; June Simmons


11:45 AM–12:15 PM | Buffet luncheon service (Dine during presentations)


12:15–1:00 PM  | Rules of Engagement: Considerations in Forming a Network

You’ve got willing and interested partners, but how formal does your network need to be in order to contract with a healthcare partner? What are the options? (Network in Action: Western NY Integrated Care Collaborative)            

Presenters: Martie Ross, JD, Founding Partner, PYA Partners; Nikki Kmicinski, Director of Business Development Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative.


1:00–1:45 PM | Poised for Success: Systems to Support Coordination and Collaboration

Now that you’ve formed your network, how can you ensure that you and your partners are working together effectively and providing quality care to the individuals you serve? (Networks in Action: Healthy Living Center of Excellence, Juniper)

Presenters: Sharon Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Williams Jaxon Consulting, LLC; Jennifer Raymond,  Chief Strategy Officer; Elder Services of Merrimack Valley; Dawn Simonson; Executive Director Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging (Juniper).


1:45–2:00 PM | Closing

Presenter: Marisa Scala-Foley, Aging and Disability Business Institute


Funders and Partners: The Aging and Disability Business Institute is funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation, The SCAN Foundation, and the Administration for Community Living. Under this grant, ASA is collaborating with n4a; other partners include Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU)/National Center for Aging and Disability, the Partners in Care Foundation, and Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley/Healthy Living Center of Excellence.