Elder Mistreatment: Prevention of Abuse and Neglect

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ASA and the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology are offering a five-week online educational course on elder mistreatment prevention offered exclusively to ASA members.



“Although elder mistreatment is recognized as a serious problem that affects a significant number of older adults in the U.S. and globally, the field of elder mistreatment prevention is still being refined. Prevention efforts will be key to safeguarding the health and well-being of the non-mistreated public as well as to ensuring the best possible outcomes for those older adults who are mistreated.”
—Zach Gassoumis, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
University of Southern California

Course Offerings:

Enroll in the August 31–October 2, 2020 course

Elder Mistreatment: Prevention of Abuse and Neglect—Elder mistreatment prevention is not restricted to just stopping abuse and neglect before they occur, but also encompasses bringing abuse to an end once it has begun, preventing abuse from recurring in older adults who have already been victimized, and minimizing the damage of abuse when the cycle of abuse can’t be prevented. In this five-week course, USC faculty members will introduce participants to what is known about primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention within the field of elder mistreatment, teaching some options and remedies for protecting existing victims of elder mistreatment and those who have not yet been mistreated.

Although it is helpful to take Elder Mistreatment: Understanding Abuse and Neglect prior taking this second course, this current course is designed so that it can be taken either before or after, without posing a detriment to the learning experience.

Program Cost and CE Credits

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Schedule for Elder Mistreatment: Prevention of Abuse and Neglect

Week 1

Elder Abuse Prevention Overview

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Week 2

Primary Prevention: What We Can Borrow from Other Fields

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Week 3

Secondary Prevention: Stopping Abuse

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Week 4

Secondary Prevention: Improving Well-Being Immediately Following Abuse

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Week 5

Tertiary Prevention: When We Can’t Stop the Abuse

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USC Faculty Include:

Zach Gassoumis, Ph.D.Zach Gassoumis, PhD

Expert in elder abuse, economic security, minority and immigrant disparities, policy issues, and health, social, and protective services for aging populations.




Donna Benton, PhDDonna Benton, PhD

Expert in family caregiving, neglect, working with clients and caregivers with dementia, and social service delivery models.





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