Posted 08.15.2020
    "We need passionate, innovative, strong, committed leaders in this space. .... If you are a helper, solver, advocate or changemaker, there is not a better place for you to be using your talents today." -Kevin Prindiville Read More
    Posted 08.10.2020
    "The door is wide open, please just walk right in. There is so much to be done, and so much opportunity in so many domains [in the field of aging] that I think this is yours to discover, shape, form and influence." -Brian de Vries Read More
    Posted 08.06.2020
    Five ways that people who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias benefit from spiritual and/or religious care provided in a long-term care residence Read More
    Posted 08.05.2020
    The American Society on Aging joins Leading Age and other national aging organizations to urge the Administration, Senate and Congress to take immediate action on COVID-19 to protect older adults Read More
    Posted 08.04.2020
    In this episode of Future Proof, Peter and Larry will discuss issues of equity and justice and how they intersect with Larry's work with older adults in the Navajo Nation. Read More
    Posted 08.03.2020
    "You’re coming into the field at an opportune time, when the field has yet to move into its most exciting period: the real action lies ahead of us. We need you younger leaders to make a difference in how America responds to its demographic inevitability. It’s your responsibility, and a great… Read More
    Posted 07.31.2020
    More than 24 percent of Black older workers are in frontline jobs, making them overrepresented in jobs with high exposure to the virus. This is especially true in the personal care and home health aide industry, where 21 percent of workers older than age 50 are Black, while only 10 percent of all… Read More
    Posted 07.31.2020
    The older adult community offers all Americans their unique wisdom from years of life lessons, which is so important as our country continues to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and as we look toward fall, which can bring fires in the West and hurricanes along the eastern seaboard and in the South… Read More
    Posted 07.30.2020
    Peter Kaldes and Karen Lincoln explore where her research on social and economic inequality and equity intersects with her community practice work with older African Americans who have Alzheimer’s and other mental health conditions, as well as the impact of the coronavirus on this same population.  Read More
    Posted 07.29.2020
    The future of long-term care for older adults has never been more essential, yet never more precarious Read More